Chronic migraine treatment will allow you to Live Your Life

How the Procedure Works

Experienced physicians conduct a minimally invasive surgery to implant micro thin neurostimulator leads beneath the skin. These leads are invisible at the surface and connect to a small battery pack, also implanted under the skin in the lower back or upper buttock area. The battery pack sends light electrical pulses to the occipital and supraorbital nerves, impeding the pain signals that travel to the brain and yielding long-term relief from chronic migraine symptoms. The electrical pulses can be adjusted by the patient for mild or concentrated stimulation and replace migraine pain with what patients describe as a tingling or massaging sensation.

For many, results are instantaneous.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate

We understand that with Chronic Migraine Syndrome, life can become a daily struggle. Advanced Migraine wants to help by providing innovative migraine treatments.

To find out if this treatment option could work for you, we first need to evaluate and understand your history with migraine symptoms and treatments. Our experts will ask questions, listen carefully and examine what has and has not worked before, determining whether the Transforma Procedure could be a successful match for your case.

Patients diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Syndrome whose symptoms have not been controlled by more conservative treatments are likely to be a positive match for the Transforma Procedure.

See if your life can be transformed. Speak with an Advanced Migraine specialist today and find out if the Transforma Procedure could be a solution for you.