Advanced Migraine Relief aims to transform the lives of chronic migraine sufferers by offering advanced solutions to control migraines.

The Transforma Procedure

The Transforma Procedure harnesses the science behind neurostimulation to target the occipital and supraorbital nerves thought to be the underlying cause in severe migraine attacks. This procedure has successfully reduced or eliminated chronic migraine symptoms in over 80% of patients.

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Learn about the Transforma Procedure as a chronic migraine treatment.

There is an Option

Imagine a drug-free alternative to conventional chronic migraine treatment with lasting results. Where so many treatment options have fallen short, the Transforma Procedure is the solution that migraine sufferers have been searching for.

The neurostimulation of the front and back nerves that are targeted by the Transforma Procedure can make a substantial impact on the millions of people who suffer from severe migraine episodes. While there is no known cure for Chronic Migraine Syndrome, neurostimulation is significantly transforming quality of life for many who live with the condition and have not found relief with other chronic migraine treatment plans.

The Transforma Procedure is a state of the art chronic migraine treatment that is now available